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We invite you to find out how we can help you make it happen with your business, your personal finances, your career and your future by providing you with accounting services, tax services or small business counselling services.


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Charleston, SC Office: 843-377-0993
Phoenix, AZ Office: 602-956-3293
Burlington, VT Office: 802-861-3072
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Our Team
Our team is highly qualified, highly committed and very enthusiastic about helping you with your insurance program. We enjoy our clients. We enjoy the challenge of solving complex insurance problems. And we take delight in being able to bring solid insurance solutions to you. To help you be successful in managing your insurance programs.

We have developed strong relationships with many of our clients. We would like to tell you a little about our people.

William N. Bartlett, FCAS, MAAA
Principal and President, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Andrea B. Bartlett
Principal and Director of Marketing, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Jeffery N. Altman, FSA, MAAA
Senior Consulting Actuary, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Legaré Gresham, FCAS, MAAA, Masters in Statistics
Consulting Actuary, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Brian B. Johnson, ACAS, MAAA
Principal and Consulting Actuary, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Benjamin T. Mickey
Actuarial Analyst, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Melanie K. Morin
Actuarial Analyst, Bartlett Actuarial Group, Ltd.

Sherri Roshitsh, Office Manager

Jane Mendelsohn, Bookkeeper

Only the Best for Our Clients
Put our actuaries' 100 years of combined experience to work for you.

Credentialed actuaries will be involved in every project.

Bartlett Actuarial Group has the depth of a large firm and the personal touch of a small firm.

We look forward to using our 100 years of experience to assist your firm in managing its risk.