Expert Witness Services

Bartlett Actuarial Group can assist in legal proceedings emanating from insurance disputes by providing expert actuarial services.  We can support our clients by providing consulting/analytical analyses during the discovery phase or by providing expert witness testimony during the deposition and trial phase of a case.

Examples of areas in which we can assist are:

  • We can analyze and quantify expensive insurance claims, or a large number of smaller claims.
  • We can also assist with issues related to the interpretation of a contract that transfers insurance risk. This approach has been used to decide coverage disputes between:
    • policyholder and insurer
    • reinsurer and ceding insurer
    • a program insurer and the program manager (or MGA)
    • self-insurer and a third party (such as a self-insured hospital seeking recovery from Medicare for the cost of malpractice insurance)

Bartlett Actuarial Group will provide testimony and a report (if required) in a logical and easy to follow format.

If you are involved in litigation or arbitration or any other form of dispute resolution, Bartlett may be able to assist you.  For more information, please contact us at 843-377-0993.