Bartlett Actuarial Group develops the mathematical models and analytical tools that help our valued clients quantify, evaluate, and manage the costs associated with their insurance and risk management programs.

This analysis is invaluable in making optimal insurance choices and monitoring and managing the solidity of existing insurance programs. We specialize in a number of areas.

Practice Area

Property and Casualty


Captive Insurance Programs and Risk Retention Groups
Bartlett assists clients establish captive insurance companies by pricing coverages (captive feasibility studies) and monitoring the ongoing solidity of captive insurance companies by analyzing and certifying the reserves.

Traditional Property and Casualty Insurance Company Support
Bartlett assists traditional P&C insurance companies be providing pricing and reserving assistance as well as rate analysis and recommendations.

Mutual Insurance Company Support
Bartlett has specialists on staff to support mutual insurance companies not only in the areas of pricing and reserving but also by providing product marketing and management reports to assist these companies improve their bottom line.

Self-Insurance Programs
Bartlett assists a number of self-insured entities by providing  reserving analyses to ensure the programs are financially solid.

Modeling and Analytics
The actuaries at Bartlett are skilled at data mining and predictive modeling to develop new strategies, approaches and recommendations concerning ongoing risk management and insurance programs.

State Regulatory Support
Bartlet works with many states on Captive Application Reviews, Financial Condition Examinations and Rate Filing Support.

Expert Witness Services
Bartlett Actuarial Group can assist with insurance disputes by providing expert actuarial services.  We can support our clients by providing consulting/analytical analyses during the discovery phase or by providing expert witness testimony during the trial phase of a case.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Bartlett Actuarial Group can assist insurance companies, investors, lawyers and other potential buyers and sellers of insurance entities by providing financial analyses and due diligence support during the merger or acquisition process.

Why Us?

We can offer independent opinions or become your actuarial department.

Independent. We are in your corner. We have no conflicts of interest. Our only goal is to offer our clients thorough, thoughtful and independent advice.

Experience. Put our actuaries combined 65 plus years of experience to work for you. When managing the complexities of your insurance programs, experience is invaluable.

Competitive Rates. Please ask us for a bid on your program. We will offer you a fair and reasonable rate.

Personal Involvement. We value ongoing dialogue with our clients. Our services will be specifically tailored to meet your needs. Credentialed actuaries will be involved with every project.

Trusted Advisor. We wish to become your Trusted Advisor. We want to be part of your team and contribute to the growth and success of your business.